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Charlottesville to Monticello & Beyond
This project is engaging multiple stakeholders to bring about a trail for walking and biking from Charlottesville to Monticello, James Monroe's Highland, Morven Farm, and more.
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Reconnecting Heritage
Public process begins
Spring, 2016


Op ed:
Local Government Arts Support is Smart Economic Development Policy.
Charlotteville Tomorrow 1/17/17

SxSW Eco
Spreading the gospel of StoryLine
(Austin , TX), October, 2016

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photo boothMonticello Road
Monticello Road is a community arts project in Charlottesville, Virginia. Through photography and a series of public events and conversations, we explore how an art can be an essential, integral and everyday part of a healthy community. [more]
photo boothStoryLine
StoryLine mobilizes area youth, artist/mentors and thinkers on journeys of co-discovery of community issues. Along the way, they forge new connections to the community and learn to be active, empowered citizens. [1-pager | web | video | blog thread]

Research Reports
Community Enagement is Smart Planning
Waynesboro, VA Economic Development Prospects
Ragged Mountain Land Use Memo
Monticello Road Photography Project: A Spatial Analysis
Reflection: the Citizen Artist

Co-Authored Reports
Workforce Development through Soft-Skills Training
Strategies for Conserving the Green Infrastructure of Hampton, Virginia (Recreation Chapter)
Friendship Court Youth Engagement Recommendations
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previous highlights...

I teamed up with poet James Hopkins for a long-distance dialog via 200-character cellphone poems. 200 debuted at Let There Be Light at Piedmont Virginia Community College. [watch]
Whispering Pines
The latest in my Succession series is a stop-over at the once-grand Whispering Pines Motel. [Photos | Stories]
Monticello Road succession
Succession explores formerly human spaces that Nature has begun to reclaim back and these images explore the mechanics of how that takes place. 2013 exhibition | Older pictures
Monticello Road 20
For the Let There Be Light exhibition, I teamed up with guitar kegend and multimedia guru Joe Lawlor to create a looping video, projected on a 10x12 tarp in the Virginia woods.
[Remix with live accompaniment | Studio version | Photos]
storyline Cherry Avenue
Cherry Avenue is a collectively organized, community-based art project that brings people together. It's cross-disciplinary, generates artist-public interaction, exists in public space and a model for other creative community efforts. [more]
storyline Story|Line just gets better and better
After five years, this unique partnership continues to show an entirely new relationship to art and how it can be part of their lives...and they LOVE it! [more]
Monticello Road The People of Monticello Road
The exhibition examines the people and places along one of America's most historic byways. Meet some of the people who live, work, and play there. Profiles | Photos
storyline Story|Line comes to Monticello Road
It's as if my two best friends have gotten married: my favorite youth program came to the street that inspired my latest art project. [more]
Scratch Borads scratch boards
Small drawings I make by inking a piece of mat board, drawing a background with oil pastel, then scratching through the pastel with a needle to reveal the ink underneath. go
Sources & Inspirations sources and inspirations
My process starts with photography. But when I collected these images for inclusion in my exhibition, something larger than process emerged: an artist's vision. go
Image the little prints
This set of eight two-inch square prints fits into a hole in my body of work—small, affordable edition work. go
dream catchers
My new work adds a new element: the interface between the natural world and human detritus.
love knots
My new drawings find sensuous connections between trees and the Earth that nourishes them.
chairs of bryant park
The series of drawings based on the chairs of Bryant Park explore the intimacy and alienation that define our experience as social beings.
This new piece, created especially for the Law Library at the College of William and Mary exemplifies the tree series' combination of calm intensity. next
VCCA: Places and Things
View photos from my August residency at the Virginia Center for Creative Arts.
Read about the experience on my blog.
I've been a very bad boy when it comes to updating my website. Still, if you want a sense of my tree series, go here, here, or here.
citymouse, countrymouse
My new blog is inspired by one of my new drawings. It's written in two voices: the side of me that loves the City like crazy and the one that wants to get the Hell out.
read the blog | see the drawing | more tree drawings 
The recent exhibition at Migration: a Gallery combined my chair drawings with the canopies and tree portraits. I've never had a show look so great and full of curatorial surprises. Kudos to Laura and Rob for doing a great job! gallery info | review | blog
At last, photos from our summer in Virginia, my trip to Burning Man, and a sneak preview of Niobe, my long-awaited first outdoor stone carving.
The Brooklyn Rail combined one of my photos with a super-tight design to make one of their most compelling covers yet.
Thanks to everyone who visited my recent show of marble reliefs at
Positive and accurate
review in NYArts Online
stool sample
Two long-time friends collectors commissioned a pair of stools like the Pompeii series—only better!
If you liked my reliefs, you'll love my new series of related block prints—colorful and affordable.
in edition...
No longer just marble, now I'm also doing reliefs in bronze, like this one.
keeping culture current
At long last, I've completed my portal site, Culturecurrent is larger than just this site, which features my artwork. The new portal lets you visit all of my recent sites, this one included. Some of them are getting some real buzz. Take a look
Navarro award
The Justice Center commissioned a marble award that is designed to pass from one recipient to the next.
collecting on a budget
We've finally released the inaugural issue of Conversations on Collecting, a new community-driven e-newsletter for art collectors and their champions. In this installment, collectors share some tips for bringing a much-desired work of art into their price range.
voice somewhat in the dark
The Village Voice cited my studio as evidence that artists are flocking to the Bushwick neighborhood. That's great, except the studio's not technically in Bushwick at all...
part cootie, part kitty, part kid, my new sculpture defies easy classification
the city that never sleeps
I've embarked on a new series that combines long-exposure photographs with text observations in a series of folio pages about New York by night. These works, beautiful objects in themselves, will eventually be presented in either an artist-book, or in a portfolio of limited-edition prints. Preview the series


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