The anthology is a collection of short stories set in and around the state of Virginia by members of Sisters in Crime with "murder" in mind. Meredith Cole's story "Murder at Monticello" is featured in the book. Published: January 2014

MAKING STORY: Twenty-one Writers and How They Plot
First in a series of books for aspiring authors. How do you turn an idea into a plot and a plot into a book? Meredith Cole is one of the 21 authors featured in the book, and shares some of her writing secrets.
Published: September 4, 2012

She’s in over her head… Photographer Lydia McKenzie is taking portraits of prostitutes on the waterfront of Williamsburg Brooklyn when her art project takes a deadly turn. She discovers the body of Glenda, the star of her series, floating in the East River . Lydia ’s new boyfriend doesn’t want her to get involved in the investigation, and neither does NYPD detective Daniel Romero. But Glenda’s grieving mother begs her for help. So when the D’Angelo brothers, her bosses at the detective agency where she works as an administrative assistant, send Lydia out to the Williamsburg waterfront to catch their cousin’s cheating husband and bring back photos as evidence, she starts to do some sleuthing on the side. When more hookers are murdered, Lydia teams up with a volunteer organization whose mission is to help women find a way off the streets. She ends up questioning her choices, her relationships, her art, and her identity—all while she runs for her life from a killer who isn’t finished with a deadly rampage. Meredith Cole’s second novel is a thrilling adventure, boasting memorable characters and a vivid setting.

ISBN-13: 978-0312625047

Published May 11, 2010

In POSED FOR MURDER, Lydia McKenzie, an edgy art photographer who
recreates murder scenes in a film noir style, finally achieves her
dream of putting her art on display. That night, Williamsburg
homicide cops find the model of one of her photographs murdered, her
body arranged in the same fashion as one of Lydia’s photographs.
When another of her models disappears, Lydia is determined to protect
her friends and find the killer using everything she’s learned in her
day job as an assistant to a team of private eyes. But time is
running out because the killer pictures her as his next victim.
(St. Martin's Press, February 17, 2009, ISBN-10: 0312378564, ISBN-13: 978-0

– NY/Tri-state Sisters in Crime chapter short
story anthology, published by LL Dreamspell. Meredith Cole's short story "Out in the Cold" is in the book. In Out in the Cold , follow the further adventures of Lydia McKenzie as she stumbles upon the frozen body of Old Bill, a homeless man, in her backyard in Williamsburg Brooklyn. While everyone else sees it as a tragic accident caused by alcohol, she suspects foul play. She follows a trail of broken dreams and stolen lottery tickets to find
the killer.
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Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine - June 2008 issue - Meredith Cole's short story Exercise is Murder was in the Department of First Stories.

  Dead in the Water